What to do with Ego

[This post originally shared on] It’s not easy to keep ego in check. Even in the church. You’ve likely noticed that too. I have those little thoughts of self-importance that subtly slither through my mind looking for a place to call home. It starts with a crack in a door. The next thing I […]

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Planning a Worship Service when Time is Scarce

We were just out of high school and so cool. Our ride was a pristine cherry red Beetle with a white convertible top. It wasn’t spacious, but we didn’t mind squeezing in. We savored the head turning attention as we played it cool cruising the streets. As I’ve pondered those joy rides, it occurs to […]

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Sermon In A Flash – Digital Downloads

What if it were really easy for anyone to take the message home after the worship service without picking up a CD or DVD?  Sure we can make a CD or DVD but that requires buying and stocking the blanks and the manpower to produce them.  Inevitably, more are printed than are needed and several […]

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Greatest Discoveries

One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do. ~Henry Ford

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Trey Genda - Quote

A Good Leader

    A good leader takes care of those in their charge. A bad leader takes charge of those in their care. – Simon Sinek | #quote #leadership — Trey Genda (@treysat) April 19, 2014

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Composition of a Great Leader

  No matter what role you fulfill, you are a leader.  This may come as a surprise to you but it is true.  We all lead by example. We all influence those we work with. Sure some leaders have more authority than others and you may be in a position that doesn’t have much authority. […]

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6 Leadership Practices Modeled In the Beginning

God’s ideas came to life when He spoke. Similarly, when leaders speak, things happen. We were given the ability to bring ideas to life when we speak. Our words are powerful motivators that initiate action and help others make progress. Adam had the best leader anyone could hope for. Who wouldn’t want a good and […]

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